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G.P. has been experimenting with haptic forms and special aligned color glazes for my porcelain objects for quite some time.

As the manufacturing porcelain-lid-boxes manifests a very special challenge and requires a lot of expertise as well as experience, his focus has been on creating a collection thereof  in the past years.

It is a fact, that porcelain loses 15% of its volume during the firing process ( 1.300 degrees C.) 

Thus, the shape of the object can only remain unchanged and be considered as successful if the alabaster-prototype of such a lid-box is precisely sanded. If that were

not the case, the lids would no longer fit with the respective boxes.

After having made numerous sketches, GP decided to start out with cast alabaster blocks, on which the intended dimensions are drawn in the finest possible lines. Gradually, these alabaster blocks are then manually put into the requested shape. It is only during this intuitive state of sanding that GP becomes aware of the right formal solutions that allow the respective objects to reach their intended perfection.

As GP also wants to provide his objects with a shiny surface finish, he has intensively conducted glaze experiments to grant every single object the appropriate, glassy colour brilliance.

Following boxes are 12 of 43 different models of my porcelain-box-collection.

Further pictures are available on request.

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